March Snow, Simple Motor, and No Pictures

Snowy day today — it was blowing and snowing all morning, and we had about an inch or two of accumulation here.  I was aware that a front would be arriving, and I’m glad H and I planted the green onions and shallots yesterday, but I was a little surprised by the amount of precipitation.  I have a gut feeling this will be the last of this year’s accumulating snow in the valley.  It’s nice, not too cold, the kind of snow that will sink right in as it melts and recharge groundwater.  Well, the stuff in the valley, anyway.  The melt from the slopes will still come roaring down the creek.  Skeery.

Today H was playing with Tinker toys and made a little car.   This is not an uncommon occurrence.  But he surprised me by asking if he could motorize it (not those words, but that’s essentially what he wanted).  I kind of laughed and pulled him up on my lap to google pictures of motors so I could explain why that would be quite difficult.  Wouldn’t you know one of the first hits for “simple motor” was a You Tube video of a motor made of a AA battery, a wire bent just so, and a neodymium magnet (  You can imagine how the next hour or so was spent, I suppose.  We did get our motor going, but not fast at all.  I think I will not buy any more of these magnets at present, as they are so strong, and I have an awful vision of C eating a couple and then getting parts of his GI tract twisted up by them.  But someday later I’d love to get a little stack and make a motor that can really whir.  This project is way beyond H, anyway.  He was excited about it, but it was definitely Brad and I who were trying to figure it out with our goofy materials.

Baby poop update:  I think we won’t give C any more avocado for awhile, as it appears to make his poor little bottom bleed (just the skin on the outside, no internal bleeds around here thanks).  I’m thinking it must be something about the pH, not an allergic reaction.  I think I’ll just sorta watch and see what happens.  He doesn’t really complain about it, but poor kid.

By the way, I am still trying to figure out comments, etc.  I’m pretty ignorant about this undertaking, and I didn’t really bother learning what to do before starting to post, so I’m just sort of muddling through.  If I do something wrong or don’t respond, please don’t take offense.  I’m probably just bumbling.


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K lives in the US with her man and kiddos, knits, cans, dehydrates, bakes bread, (but doesn't cook regular food, particularly), crochets, spins, gardens, studies for a degree that never seems to end, and um, works. Sometimes she wastes time online. Also -- and family, she's looking at you here -- sometimes she swears and says things you might not agree with. But she still loves you.

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