Vacation List: The Coast

1. The central Oregon coast can be cold. The water is always cold. It
almost instantaneously gives me cramps in my calves when I stand in
the water.
2. There are lots of gray whales. We went on a whale-watching tour
and saw them many times. No pictures, as I was busy being all
seasick and supporting H, who was also sick. I did see them, though. They were very close. I usually get sick on boats, but I still like to go out in them.
3. We saw a few tide pools. There was one large rock that was absolutely covered with mussels and anemones. Again, no picture. I am lame. H tide pool at Seal Rock_062409But here’s a starfish. I really like tide pools and would have been happy to spend a lot of time with them.
4. Good chowderhouses were found for lunch.
5. The coast also sports salt water taffy; apparently this is normal for the shore (the things I learn from Brad!). We bought some for the family, and I selected one piece only, as I am maniacal about not eating things that may pull out fillings. It was very good and I may have eaten much more than
one. But carefully! All fillings are intact, I am happy to report.
6. H and I built sand ziggurats and whatnot.H at South Beach_062309_4

H at South Beach_062309_3
7. We went after crabs. We got many in the trap, but none quite
large enough to legally keep. I don’t really care. It is very cool
to see crabs scuttling around in the trap when you pull it up and edging back into the water, especially when you’re on a nearly empty dock in an otherwise deserted little harbor.  In the rain.
8. There are tall lighthouses.Yaquina Head Lighthouse_062309
9. We hung out with family. This was really the highlight of the
trip, but there’s not much to report, really. Just a lot of laid-back conversation and loitering about. B and C at South Beach_062309_3Flying kites, walking around on the beach, watching What About Bob and Fawlty Towers. Suz and C at Yachats_062509

And and H at Yachats_062509I did go to the Black Sheep Wool Gathering with my sister and neice. That is
a post unto itself.
10. Almost everywhere I go, I think I’d rather live there than The Place Where I Live. The Oregon Coast, however, does not qualify. It
is a great place to visit, but it is altogether too dense (both the air and vegetation) and continuously chilly for me to live there. Inland Oregon qualifies.  Then I’d be near family and could visit the coast!


About sayingthings

K lives in the US with her man and kiddos, knits, cans, dehydrates, bakes bread, (but doesn't cook regular food, particularly), crochets, spins, gardens, studies for a degree that never seems to end, and um, works. Sometimes she wastes time online. Also -- and family, she's looking at you here -- sometimes she swears and says things you might not agree with. But she still loves you.

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  1. Marie McMuffin

    YOU. ATE. TAFFY??? I’m stunned. I can’t even comment on the rest of the vacation. Except I’d really like to have seen a shot of the electrical outlets inside of the teepee, because that makes me really laugh (to myself).

  2. It looks like a wonderful place to visit with many things to do and see. It took me years to figure out how to live in Utah. I doubt I’d leave now, but….

  3. knittingunderwater

    Sounds like an awesome time! Glad you guys had fun!

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