A hunnert bucks

On Craigslist.  The woman who sold this to us was nuts not to ask for much, much more.
It replaced a bakers rack which was okay but had become inadequate.  I hope you enjoy the extra special picturesque orange plastic water jug and white plastic dehydrator. I know I do. I feel pretty happy and lucky to have some more ample storage and something more pleasant to look at to boot for not very much money.

I was pushed over the edge into haunting Craigslist by a book I recently acquired, The Pantry.  It’s excellent eye candy with some good  ideas as well.  If you’re into that kind of thing, which I am.


About sayingthings

K lives in the US with her man and kiddos, knits, cans, dehydrates, bakes bread, (but doesn't cook regular food, particularly), crochets, spins, gardens, studies for a degree that never seems to end, and um, works. Sometimes she wastes time online. Also -- and family, she's looking at you here -- sometimes she swears and says things you might not agree with. But she still loves you.

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  1. Fancy! Very nice!! Craigslist is fab.

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