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First snow in the valley

This morning I walked H to school in a light fall of  rain and a little super-wet snow.  As I exited the school, the air was full of fat, fluffy flakes.  It even seems to be sticking the tiniest bit now. The leaves are only maybe half fallen from the trees, and the snow is forming a new (spotty) carpet over the old one of green grass and yellow leaves.

Baby C was either bored with it or too overawed to really react.  Or maybe his coat is just so puffy that he would rather hold still than try to move.  I’m leaning toward the last explanation for his stillness.

T-minus four days.  I’m living in rooms full of boxes and clutter.


There is so much, so much to do.

Can’t post much — too much going on.  My parents-in-law were here last weekend, which was very helpful as Brad and I went into major packing up mode.  I’ve made a schedule to follow, which is my absolute guide to each day.  We leave in one week, after one last Halloween Night here in the neighborood where I’ve lived for six years now, in the city where I’ve lived nine years now, in the state where I’ve lived 13 years now.

Today I said goodbye to John, who was my boss at Millcreek Gardens.  Then my friend Val came over for supper (Chinese take-out in our torn-apart condo).  Those were the last of the good-byes (that are on the schedule, anyway).  This is hard.

Excuse me now while I go separate out the toiletries we need to take along in the car… and pack up the rest.

Grand standing

Yesterday Brad and I both separately observed Baby C pull himself up to his feet.  Unfortunately, he did so holding onto something rickety and likely to fall over, so instead of taking pictures we had to swoop in and rescue him.

So it begins.

Big day

Today is my second anniversary (I guess I’m supposed to say “our” anniversary, but really, it’s just me talking here.  My.)

All I’ve got for you is this lineup of images I like to remember from that day.  Normally I might be all gushy gushy and go on about how I’m lucky and happy to be married to Brad (I am) and how he’s a really good guy (he is) and how he’s kinda hot (true) and stuff like that, but I am distracted.

As of today, we are moving to Wanakena, NY in a very few weeks.  Year -round population: 52 (after we get there).  Go on, Google it.  Mostly, you’ll find some pretty pictures and sketchy climate information.  And the SUNY school information, if you’d like to become a forester.

You know, I hope this isn’t some terrible mistake.  There sure are a lot of people and places I love (really really love) here in Utah, but I’ve been straining to leave for years now.  Maybe that’s just a sign of immaturity; I don’t know.  As soon as moving seemed like a real possibility, my mind perversely reversed itself on Utah.  I thought if New York didn’t pan out I could just be happy here, and finally call it my real home.  I’ve been for years a place-attachment type person without a place to put my attachment.

But it has worked out, so it’s out for us, with sadness and hopeful anticipation.  Happy anniversary to me (us)!


So.  We had the little family party on Tuesday evening after Brad’s return from New York.  I have evidence, first the presents, which was pretty civilized:

Figuring out the opening presents thing

C 1st bday party_CHB_100609_1

C 1st bday party_CH_100609_1Then the cake, which was not:

C 1st bday cupcake_100609_2




Gardening lessons

Gardening lesson #1: Check on your heirloom tomato varieties for stuff like cracking and high yield.  My larger tomato varieties (1884 and Ananas Noire) cracked like crazy and rotted on the vine.  Nearly all those huge, previously lovely-seeming tomatoes hit the compost heap.

Gardening lesson #2:   Canning red, pink, black, and yellow tomato varieties together in one can yields a jar of tomatoes that look sort of gross right off the bat.  Maybe think about planting a more homogenous color mix if that is bothersome.

Gardening lesson #3:  Plant more carrots.  MOOOOOORE!

Gardening lesson #4:  Be patient with the beets.  Even if you’re excited, and even if you know that little beets taste good, let ’em get bigger.

Gardening lesson #5: Plant only one summer squash hill if short on space.

Gardening lesson #6:  Artichokes might need more sun than they get halfway underneath a big sunflower.

Gardening lesson #7: Tomatillos — pick ’em when they’re a little yellowish, but not cracked yet.

Gardening lesson #8: Stay on top of the weeds.

Twelve months

Happy birthday, Baby C!  (Click ’em to make ’em bigger.)

Offer accepted, thanks

We’ve received and accepted an offer on the condo.

I do not know where we will go after closing, which is scheduled for the end of October.  But here’s hoping it all gets done and on time, too.  Whee!