Heavy knitting content: Big ole heels

Look at me. I am stripey. But there's something else to notice!

This is one of the pair of socks I made for H to wear in the ice show.  Yes, it looks funny.  But most socks look a little funny when they’re not being worn.

What is interesting here is the heel.

It’s based on the boomerang heel that I found documented at ThreeSleevesToTheWind.  The difference is that I boomeranged like crazy — every right-side row of the short-row heel.  That funny triangle in there is where I knitted around each time to pick up the wraps.  Basically, I knitted one right-side short-row, wrap the stitch, turn, and purl the corresponding short-row, wrap and turn.  Then I knitted all the way around the whole sock, picking up both wraps as I went, first the one I’d created on the right side, then the one I’d created on the wrong side.  And then I continued along, knitting and purling the next short-rows, and then knitting all around, picking up the wraps.  I do so hate picking up the two wraps together when working a short-row heel, and it was nice to avoid that.  Also, if using self-patterned yarn, the heel and top of the foot will be the same color, so the color pattern doesn’t get interrupted as noticeably.

I did this for H’s socks because my first try was a bit short in the foot, and I was under a deadline and liked where the self-striping yarn ended (The foot is self-striping stuff, and the heel and leg are actual stripes from various scraps).  So I did this in an attempt to make the top of the foot a little longer and not have to change the way the colors were working out.  And to see if it worked.

Now, knitting the whole tube of the foot a little longer would also have been fine.  But making a crazy long heel worked all right too.  And I will be trying this for the next socks I make for Brad, whenever that happens.  Because he has a very weird bone structure in his foot, where his bones actually cross over top of each other.  So his foot is just enormous, and then his heel is correspondingly deep and enormous, and then his ankles seem like they’re barely there, after all this enormity.  This sock heel should give him a little extra room in the top of the foot and the sides of the heel without requiring any sudden decreasing for his ankle (which makes it a problem for him to get his socks over that aforementioned gigantic heel).

I could be wrong.


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