Ice show and turning six

Sorry, this video is pretty hard to see.  I think Brad was nervous (I was behind the curtain.)  Brad couldn’t actually see H during this video, so he is out of the frame a good bit of the time.  But he is there, in his red sweater and orange suspenders, sort of limping along on his skates!  He only skates on one foot and only pushes with one foot.  This is progress, people — that he will glide at all and not just hang onto the wall.  So, though it’s difficult to see his improvement, I’m proud of his accomplishment.  I think he will only get better, as he seems to enjoy skating.  (In case you can’t find him, he’s the last one on the way out to the middle, and he was the one on the very far right when they lined up and hopped.  He had big blue gloves on.)

I'm a munchkin. Can't you tell?

Here’s what he looked like, up close, at the ice show.

And today H is six!

I'm six!

He put stickers on his face and begged all afternoon to open his presents.  He was only slightly interested in the two books (not a surprise.  After all.  He’s six!)  But he was pretty stoked about the remote control car.  It’s amphibious!


I’m so glad you’re here, little guy.


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K lives in the US with her man and kiddos, knits, cans, dehydrates, bakes bread, (but doesn't cook regular food, particularly), crochets, spins, gardens, studies for a degree that never seems to end, and um, works. Sometimes she wastes time online. Also -- and family, she's looking at you here -- sometimes she swears and says things you might not agree with. But she still loves you.

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  1. awwww…. H is such a cutie. wish him a happy 6th for us. he is growing up so quickly. we miss him lots.
    and i think he was doing great at skating! keep up the good work!

  2. How on earth did he grow so quickly!? SIX. I never would have guessed. Happy Birthday, H!

  3. knittingunderwater

    His skating is wonderful. My niece is just walking as well, slight glide. He’ll get so much better next year. Excellent costume! Happy Birthday, um is his birthday the 2nd or 3rd. ‘Cause you know the 2nd is a pretty cool birthday!

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