Monthly Archives: May 2010

Little Cat

My old cat, Sputnik, didn’t take to the move very well, I don’t think.  It seems that she is showing her age more now.  She also doesn’t have another cat to push around as is her super-assertive nature ever since we put Gracie down.  She seems stiff and depressed.

So to help ease that, meet the new one.  Poor Brad’s never had a kitten before and has no defense against twitterpation:

Fully settled name pending. But it'll probably be Otto.


Spring part deux

Over the past couple of weeks, other than the two snow falls last night here’s what I’ve found in the yard:

Did you catch that one non-flower picture there?

What else to say?  I got a job (sort of, not a real job, but a sort of job where I might sort of get paid sometimes, or at some point, or maybe not, there’s really no telling) at a farm.  Or two farms.  That’s also a little hard to know right now.  Probably two, or maybe not, maybe just one.  It’s all very definite!