Monthly Archives: July 2010

Bears. [Some stuff in between.] Then tortillas.

Bears:  seem to have moved on, finally, and stopped hanging around.  I saw the big one that was bothering the neighborhood for a couple of weeks early one morning.  Very big bear.  I made blueberry jam one night, and then stayed up until 2 am fretting that he would come tear my front door off to get it.  As you may imagine, he didn’t.  He did try the week before.  He didn’t try very hard, though.  Just enough to break the door and leave some mud.

Little cat: growing larger, as expected.  I think he’s a rugged one — but can he hold his own against coyotes?

Old cat (soon to be not the bigger cat):  Has been rejuvenated by having another cat around to bitterly hate.  She still won’t go outside.  That’s just as well; she probably can’t hold her own against coyotes.

Family trips:  two.  One to the Northwest for my brother’s wedding,

I will toddle into Snake River, so help me.


H is looking sort of grown up, yes?

Grand Coulee Dam is impressive. And they don't keep a close eye on their traffic cones. Yessssss.

and one to Pennsylvania for Brad’s family’s gathering.  You know, I just had to get away from it all and just go camp in the mountain forest.  In northern PA.  So much more restful than northern NY.  But still pretty.

First watermelon ever.

Kickball:  The Wanakena league is in swing.  We don’t count the fouls for kids, and we don’t throw them out (unless another kid tags them, then they’re out.)  But the adults all get clobbered.  Frankly, I’m about as good at kickball as I ever was (guess how good that is?), so the whole clobbering thing is making me nervous.  In fact, I’d rather not be responsible for catching any kind of pop fly of any type of ball.  Ever.  Yet I still show up for games.

Farming:  Doing it.  I guess I’m a drive-in hired hand.  I know how to dig potatoes now, and I’m gaining an appreciation for the best situations for different hand tools.  My first job (ever in my life) was picking blueberries;  I was pretty awful at it.  I could not, for the life of me, keep up with the real ag workers.  I gave up (and also got a terrible, terrible sunburn).  I believed blueberry picking was not my future.  I was wrong.  I’m still not fast, but now I believe blueberry picking might be the easiest job in ag.  So easy.  No thorns, no ladders, not much bending over.  Shade.  Way better than digging potatoes.  That’s kind of hard.


New habit. Unhelpful as far as actually cleaning dishes, but fun nonetheless.


This arrangement was supposed to be conducive to napping, but it isn't.

Knitting, etc:  I won a gift certificate from Spinderella’s.  I love Spinderella’s.  Look how you can tell from the lack of snow and all the bug bites that these mittens are not being modeled in winter!

Tortillas:  I finally made them tonight, the tortillas I’ve been waiting for my whole life.  Mein Gott.