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Thirty days had September, I swear.

I just didn’t post on any of those thirty days. But I did some things.

Canoe downriver. Somehow, my technique is not improving. I try, but we zigzag around in the most embarrassing way.

Does this need a caption? No, but here, have one, anyway.

Then my mom visited and I have only, like, two pictures of that, and they’re not great.  But among other things, we went to the Local Living Festival outside Canton, and it really exceeded my expectations.  There were something like 50 workshops and I attended  (1) having a family cow (I’m unconvinced; if I had ten kids I might need that much milk), (2) home orchards in the North Country (moral: don’t plant trees that die when it gets cold.  Also, don’t plant trees that are sensitive to cold.  In addition, be sure to consider the cold winters when selecting varieties and specimens.), and (3) indoor composting toilets.

Let’s talk about that third one, ‘kay?  Back in late spring, I went to meet the farmers before I started going up there to help them out one day per week, and they seemed like normal people.  I thought, “But they’re relatively young and they have teenage kids, and they just bought land to farm it, so I know there’s some crazy to be found somewhere, I just haven’t seen it yet.”  Then on my first day of work we went into the house for lunch, and the farmer told me where the bathroom was, and said, “It doesn’t flush.  Just use the bucket of pine shavings.”  And I thought, “Found the crazy!  Where does the ride go from here?”  But I went in anyway, because of course, I needed to.  And you know what?  No bad smell, no grossness (grossity?).  In fact, pine shavings smell really great.  My toilet has nothing on that toilet.

“Why, Katherine,” I hear you say, “you don’t have to empty a bucket of excrement from your bathroom on a regular basis.  Of course you regular-shmegular toilet is better.”  But this kind of toilet will never ever break in a troublesome way.  Or overflow (well, with water).  Or clog.  It is cheap and understandable to build — no plumber required.  I can build it with a jigsaw and a pencil and a measuring tape, all of which I have.  And a couple of buckets.  Maybe some sandpaper would be a good idea.  Then I could paint it and even decorate it!  I could have a Craftsman-style toilet. And so could you.

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Slowly start to return — let’s talk about August

Let’s pretend I’ve been all peppy and post-y and just review the past few silent months, shall we?  No pictures of me today; I’m perennially in need of a haircut.

Li'l buckwheat playing in the corn at the county fair.

Maybe too young for bumper boats?

Summer rain.

Another little boy in the summer rain.

A better time at this fair's rides.

Luch on one of the last hikes of summer.

And then summer ended and around came the first day of first grade.