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What We Did on our Summer Vacation


C felt silly.

These ARE my pajamas.

H finished first grade.

No more first grade!

Then C felt serious.


We went on a long car trip to states nether.

We camped and hung out with Brad’s family at his uncles’ cabin in the Loyalsock State Forest, Pennsylvania. My kids saw their first fire flies (yay! so yay! I like fireflies more than they do, it turns out, but still yay!)

High Knob Overlook

We drove to Oxford, PA, to Brad’s parents’ house.

In the cherry tree Brad planted in high school

We went to a minor league baseball game in Maryland and saw the fireworks, very close and loud.

We rode on an old steam train through farm country.

Mom-mom and Pop-pop and Kid-kids

We drove to Delaware and met up with Chris and Olivia. We ate crab. We camped at Cape Henlopen State Park. We saw dolphins.

I swear, those dots are dolphins.

We dug in the sand.

We played in the surf.

We relaxed in the shade. It was pretty much the perfect day on the beach.
We drove back to Oxford. We hung around. I melted a green crayon in my mother-in-law’s new dryer. No pictures.

We drove home. We picked up our new puppy on the way.

Hello, I'm Emerson and this is the only picture I stayed stil for.